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Where do I order a new top?

Email Alex Marshall, Corporate Graphic - He will sell you one direct.

Where can I get the antenna kit?

Email Ben Stowe, NLFX -

Does the Command Center come in different colors?

Just black and white at this time.

Can I touch up the paint?

You can try with Cardinal Paint (the same brand we use for powdercoating)

What is it made of?

The booth is made of aluminum. The top is PVC.

How much does it weigh fully assembled?

57 lbs.

Does it pack up easily?

Yes, in less than 5 minutes and goes into two heavy duty carry bags. The Command Console bag is approximately 48" x 7" x 25"and the bag for the rack and base plate and laptop stand is approximately 33" x 11" x 20".

What are the dimensions?​  

See the diagram below: (Right Click Image To Download)

Is it height-adjustable?

No. The Command Center is 40.2” tall by 47” wide by 24” deep. See the diagram above. However, we have had DJs over 6' behind the booth very comfortably.

Are any tools needed to assemble it?

You will need an Allen key (included) the very first time for the initial setup. See the video on the Videos page. After that, no tools are needed.

Can the gear ride in the top and rack? 

Certain controllers can ride in the top with some modification. Gear can stay in the rack. We recommend using. Decksaver over your controllers if you are going to leave them in during transport.  However, you must take care when packing these parts in their bags. These are not ATA road cases. Bunn Gear will NOT be responsible for anyone's gear within the booth/rack.

Can you leave the unit bolted together if you have a large enough vehicle?

Yes, if you stand it up vertically.

Can you adjust the laptop stand?

Yes, you can adjust the tilt and how far the “plate” moves forward or back. It can also go in the left, right or middle of booth.

 ​Is the booth branded?

There is a small vinyl decal on the DJ's side that you can peel off if you don't like. It won't harm the booth.

 What if you "ding" the booth?

The booth can be fixed by any body shop using a specific set of tools. In other words, the booth is made out of aluminum, which is also used to build Ford F-150 trucks. Here's an example.

Are the rack holes threaded?

Yes, there is a slim threaded "rail" behind the holes in our rack.

 How many rack spaces are there?


Can you modify the booth?

Yes! People are constantly "tricking out" their booths. Here are some of the things we have seen. 

Cup holder for top lid

Drill bit to cut cup holder

Industrial strength velcro

Visit the Bunn Gear Fan Page or Bunn Gear Instagram to see more mods.

My top plate is slightly off in size. What do I do?

Check out our video here on how to adjust your top plate.

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